About Pxley

Hello there, I'm Munindra, the creator of Pxley, a space where I enjoy sharing my travel experience stories with you. 

It began when relatives and friends sought advice and photos from my journeys to places like Bhutan, Bangkok, and Barcelona. In response, I began sending out brief emails featuring photos, sharing the highlights of my adventures.

As my travel emails gained popularity, I launched a blog called "A Few Big Pictures." To my surprise, Lonely Planet noticed my work, and a tweet from them significantly boosted my blog. This unexpected turn of events marked the inception of Pxley, and I'll always be thankful for it.

Embrace the Journey

Pxley is a heartfelt exploration of my personal travel experiences, from bustling metropolises like Bangkok to the historic streets of Barcelona and the serene landscapes of Bar Harbor.

Committed to authenticity, every post is a genuine, unsponsored account of the moments that have shaped my love for travel.

My mission is to inspire others to build their own memorable experiences, offering a free and unfiltered glimpse into the beauty, challenges, and spontaneity of travel. Join me on this adventure, where passion fuels exploration, and every destination becomes a canvas for creating lasting memories.

My wish for you is to take the time to travel and create memorable experiences of your own.

P.S. As the sun sets

The global pandemic in 2020 was a difficult period for all of us, and it forced me to put my plans for expanding Pxley on hold.

Although my Pxley journey may not unfold the tales of Assam or Arunachal Pradesh or Nagaland, rest assured, my intentions were driven by an earnest desire to reveal a multitude of stories about Northeast India. As a native of this enchanting region, my goal was to be your guide in discovering the intricacies of this remarkably diverse and unique region, a hidden gem within my beloved country. Here are four examples:

Nonetheless, I'm happy to say that Pxley is still online, and I'm deeply touched by the ongoing support and appreciation from the wonderful community around it. Although I'm no longer adding new stories to Pxley, I continue to update the stories listed above and the resource page dedicated to Northeast India.

I encourage you to read my non-fictional narrative, "Plastic on a Lampshade: Embrace Impermanence, Illuminate Resilience," which invites you to explore the unique immigrant experience in America through a journey rich with humor, poignancy, and introspection.

In closing, I appreciate that you stopped by, and I hope you find joy in the travel experiences I've shared, even though they are now available in limited archives compared to what was available in the past.