Northeast India

The Northeast of India stands out for its rich tapestry of culture and traditions, setting it apart from other regions in the country. This compact yet diverse region boasts a myriad of unique elements—distinctive traditions, customs, a variety of cuisines, a multitude of languages and dialects, diverse landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and much more.

While initially researching Northeast-related information for friends, my unique collection of resources expanded. Recognizing its value, I decided to share it with others seeking similar insights. A gentle nudge from a dear cousin prompted me to formalize this resource, for which I am grateful.

The resources listed here are not exhaustive, and I will continuously update the list with additional ones:

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From Dibrugarh

From Guwahati

In the cool bamboo,
restored in sunlight,
life matters, like this.

—Mamang Dai, Small Towns and The River

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